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Other Questions

I am interested in integrating gSOL into my project, how can I do that?

gSOL is a standard SPL token, and can be integrated into any project that supports SPL tokens.

The gSOL token address is gso1xA56hacfgTHTF4F7wN5r4jbnJsKh99vR595uybA.

You can convert the gSOL back to SOL either by unstaking it manually in the Sunrise Stake app, through the upcoming JS library, or directly via the protocol itself.

Why is Sunrise staking with Marinade and SolBlaze?

Marinade and SolBlaze offer:

Enhanced Decentralisation

Usually when you stake SOL, your SOL is staked against to a single validator account, however Marinade and SolBlaze distribute staked SOL to a wide network of hundreds of validators (and growing!). Thus staking with Marinade and SolBlaze (and similar staking protocols) makes the Solana blockchain more decentralised, secure and censorship resistant, as it is harder for validators to stage a 51% attack or alter transactions.

Liquid unstaking

  • This means users receive funds immediately
  • Normally unstaking is delayed - one has to wait until the end of the epoch (on average 2 days) to receive funds

In the future, Sunrise plans to stake with other non-custodial liquid staking protocols.

I am a validator, how can I get involved?

In conjunction with the Solana Foundation, we are exploring establishing a green stake pool, composed of validators that use renewable energy for their operations.

Once the pool is established, Sunrise will direct stake to this pool, resulting in positive climate impact on both sides of the transaction:

  • Validators have an incentive to use renewable energy, reducing the carbon cost of the Solana network.
  • Stake yield is directed towards offsetting carbon emissions outside the Solana network.

Is Sunrise Stake audited?

Audit is planned for 2023. Stay tuned!

Where is the source code?

You can view (and submit pull-requests to) the source code on GitHub.

Will I lose custody of my SOL / private keys/ wallet?

No. Sunrise Stake is a non-custodial and permissionless protocol. Non-custodial means that your SOL is always under your control, you retain your wallet’s private keys, and that you can withdraw your SOL at any time. Permissionless means that the protocol can be used by you or anyone else, without any interaction from the Sunrise team.